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At Software Management, LLC we are pleased to be able to provide multiple products that will aide in streamlining your workflow, all at an affordable cost for offices of all sizes! We are a one-stop shop whose aim is to provide immediate access to all your record needs.


SMLLC has a long track record of success implementing CCLIX (“CLICKS” County Clerk Indexing) land records management system statewide, adopted first by a County Clerk’s office in 1984 as a pilot system. The system now known as CCLIX launched officially in 1988 in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. After an extensive procurement process, the Kentucky Department for Libraries & Archives (KDLA) selected SMLLC as the vendor to provide an automated local government records indexing system designed to serve the County Clerks of Kentucky.

Today, CCLIX is being used by more than two-thirds of Kentucky County Clerk offices to manage and protect land records recordings, indexing and imaging.

  • CCLIX system uniquely addresses the needs of government offices throughout the state.
  • CCLIX provides niche level support for the County Clerks offices to assist in streamlining land records processes.
  • CCLIX approaches tedious processes with a user-friendly interface and intuitive built in workflow to guide the end user through each process from start to finish.
  • CCLIX offers versatility and is a working solution that meets County Clerk needs, for all counties large and small.
  • CCLIX is suitable for counties which desire complex and custom functionality.
  • CCLIX is designed to handle all your complex needs/processes by providing a simple easy to use interface.


SMLLC expanded its legacy product CCLIX, into eCCLIX, the online version of CCLIX. eCCLIX expands the reach of CCLIX and offers a newer, updated web solution and is used widely across the state.

  • Used by Attorneys, title companies, title examiners, appraisers, surveyors, realtors, and many other land records industry groups depend on CCLIX & eCCLIX to provide secure, accurate and up-to-date access to public records recorded in Kentucky’s County Clerks offices.
  • With eCCLIX, users can view, and print documents recorded in more than 80 Kentucky County Clerk offices.
  • eCCLIX is available 24/7, allowing you to search records at your convenience.
  • eCCLIX saves users valuable time and eliminates costly trips to the courthouse.


SMLLC provides the application known as DTAX; which is a dynamic system that is used to enter and maintain delinquent tax bill information.

  • Information maintained includes bill number, tax year, owner name, address information, secured parties, amount owed, map identification code, amount paid, date paid, and detailed breakdowns of all applicable rates and penalties.
  • User friendly and intuitive interface allows for efficient and simplified tax collection processing.
  • User can also search for any delinquent tax records from years past.


POSTS is an application that is designed to distribute money to the general ledger accounts for each transaction. With the addition of POSTS to the SMLLC collection, SMLLC offers a complete POS system to manage all financial needs within the clerk’s office.

  • Cash register system is used to record all income for County Clerk’s office.
  • Tracks income and charges in POSTS Receivables
  • Tracks expenditures in POSTS Payables
  • Generates daily deposit slips.
  • Enables speedy checkout at the end of each day with daily reports.
  • Generates tax receipts.


The Payables application provides a seamless way to keep track of all expenses going out of the clerk’s office.

  • On-demand listing of all account’s payables with due dates
  • Automated check printing and check reconciliation
  • Quarterly, Financial Status, and Local Government reporting
  • Customizable reports that assist and make the reconciliation processes smooth from start to finish.
  • Budget processing
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