Company History

1978 –Software Management, LLC, (SMLLC) founded in 1978, has a long software development and application history, and is one of the oldest software firms in Kentucky.

1986 – The Delinquent Tax System© was developed to collect and distribute delinquent property tax bill collections, and is available from the CCLIX public inquiry workstation, providing one screen access to all real estate related documents. The system is currently utilized by over 70 County Clerk offices in the state of Kentucky.

1988 – The Commonwealth of Kentucky, through the Kentucky Department for Libraries & Archives (KDLA), after an extensive procurement process, selected SMLLC as the vendor to provide an automated local government records indexing system designed to serve the County Clerks of Kentucky. Today, the system known as CCLIX©, (pronounced, “clicks”), County Clerk Indexing, is being utilized in more than two-thirds of Kentucky’s County Clerk offices. Providing support for both government and non-government agencies, SMLLC has maintained a singular and intentional focus on county government.

1992– SMLLC was selected by KDLA to “assist in the development of a document imaging system interface to secure a duplicate repository of document images off-site for those counties along the New Madrid fault.” Due to a variety of factors, primarily a lack of standard practices and nascent technology involved, SMLLC withdrew further sale of the product while continuing its own private efforts to implement a more suitable solution.

1993 – POSTS© and POSTS Payables©, the complete point of sale and accounting systems were installed in early 1993 and 1995 respectively. First again in Kentucky, this full-office accounting solution which incorporates all facets of County Clerk office operation from budgeting to final reporting, was integrated with CCLIX© to eliminate redundant entry of data, streamline document filing, and secure the audit trail from the point-of-sale. These systems are currently operational in more than 50 locations statewide.

1995 – After extensive independent research and development, CCLIX-OptIMA© was installed in the Oldham County Clerk’s office in January 1995.

1997 – eCCLIX©, the web-enabled version of CCLIX© and CCLIX-OptIMA©, debuted in November of 1997. Today, nearly every county with Software Management has their records available online.

2007 – Roger Baird purchases SMLLC. Having worked for 26 years in the private sector with State and Local Governments, Roger’s business philosophy of providing an excellent product combined with excellent service further solidifies the company’s reputation as the “gold standard”, working hand-in-hand with Kentucky County Clerks.

2012– Stuart Baird becomes Operation Manager.

2012 – VOTER is introduced allowing for the search, creation, and management of voter registrations. The product also has the ability to generate new, and scan all registration cards. VOTER also has the ability to create voter registration reports by name, precinct, social security number, magistrate district, voter history, and more.

2016 – Stuart Baird becomes President of Software Management LLC. Growing up in a family business which serviced county governments, Stuart had served as an account executive and variously held managerial roles in Sales, Hardware, and Operations. He understands the business and the unique needs of the Kentucky County Clerks.

2017 – SPTCS is introduced. An information management system that allows the county Sheriff’s department to collect taxes, it can search and sort bills by rate amount, bill year, bill owner, location, dates, and more

2020 to the Present – Software Management remains at the forefront of meeting the needs of Kentucky County Clerks. The ability to receive and record electronic documents was added to the application. Becoming the accepted standard due to ease of use and trusted reliability, eRecording provides a simple way to record online submitted documents, reducing the amount of time the process previously took with mailing or bringing paper documents to the Courthouse.

The Present and Beyond – With a zeal for Customer Service, a wealth of trusted products, and a reputation for excellence, Software Management LLC remains now and ever committed to meeting the needs of our customers through utilizing the same philosophy by which we have garnered trust from the beginning: Integrity, Innovation, and Service that excels.

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